Made from Scratch

Our kitchen produces as much as possible from scratch ingredients, and our ingredients are the best we can lay our hands on.

Click here for our Breakfast and Lunch menu.

We make…
  • Our own fresh salsa (also packed for sale);
  • Our own hummus (also packed for sale);
  • Our own falafel, baked, not deep fried;
  • Our very popular Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad and Tuna Salad (with solid white Albacore);
  • Our own Cranberry Mayo for the Turkey Apple & Brie;
  • Our own breadcrumbs;
  • Our famous Chocolate Chip Cookies (Yum!) and improved Banana Bread;
  • All soups and stews made in-house, always wholesome ingredients and always gluten free.

Staples we keep on hand: Flour that is not bleached or bromated, local breads from Fantini’s (Haverhill, MA), Milk products direct from our local dairy (Richardson’s Farm, Middleton), 100% pure maple syrup (because imitation syrup is just wrong!), Organic spinach, Organic carrots, Organic ketchup, Organic vegetable stock and chicken stock for soups, Fresh produce from local and organic farms nearby in season, Fresh chopped garlic, never jarred.