Made from Scratch

Our kitchen produces as much as possible from scratch ingredients, and our ingredients are the best we can lay our hands on.

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We make…
  • Our own burgers, from the happy herd that lives less than a mile up the road.
  • Our own black bean veggie burgers, best with cheddar, WVP salsa and avo
  • Our own fresh salsa (also packed for sale)
  • Our own hummus (also packed for sale)
  • Our own falafel. baked, not deep fried.
  • Our own marinara sauce
  • Our own meatballs
  • Our very popular Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad and Tuna Salad (with solid white Albacore)
  • Our own 1000 Island dressing for our Reuben, Cranberry Mayo for the Turkey Apple & Brie, and Buffalo sauce
  • Our own breadcrumbs, primarily from organic bread ends. Have you ever actually tasted the breadcrumbs from the supermarket? They taste like the cardboard they are packaged in. Bluck.
  • Our famous Chocolate Chip Cookies (Yum!) and Banana Bread
  • Our muffin mix is a careful mixture of our own. It rises and browns up just right, not too sweet.
  • Our Pancake mix was developed over several years of use at the Cosco home. More than 50% whole wheat flour plus flax seed meal, wheat germ, and oats. Very tasty and full of nutrients.
  • All soups and stews made in-house, always wholesome ingredients and always gluten free


Staples we keep on hand: Flour that is not bleached or bromated, Organic breads from Barowsky’s (Lewiston, ME), Milk products direct from our local dairy (Richardson’s Farm, Middleton), 100% pure maple syrup (because imitation syrup is just wrong!), Organic spinach, Organic carrots, Organic ketchup, Organic vegetable stock and chicken stock for soups, Fresh produce from local and organic farms nearby in season, Fresh chopped garlic, never jarred.