A Word About Coffee

Great coffee – there’s more than meets the eye. Brewing a great cup of coffee requires attention to the details at every step of the process. It’s a science and an art.

Coffee is an agricultural product, with seasonal variations and varying quality from different regions and growers. After sourcing their green beans, a roaster needs precision and technical skill to produce a consistently great product.

We source our roasted coffee from New Harvest Coffee Roasters. We like them because they still travel to the source countries and forge personal relationships with growers to ensure the best part of the harvest arrives at their shop. They also help ensure that the growers are paid a fair price and maintain policies that are good for coffee and good for the environment.

When we order a coffee shipment from them, they roast the beans specifically to our order same day and then ship them to us overnight.
The rest is up to us, We grind fresh for each pot we brew. Our commercial grinder produces a consistent grind (particle size) to promote even extraction. Our brewer is maintained to shower hot water at more than 200 degrees over the grounds and complete the brew cycle in under 4 minutes.

The results are remarkable. We serve the best coffee around, hands down.