The West Village Philosophy

The store’s core mission is to promote the health of our community. We operate every aspect of the business with honesty and integrity. We mean what we say, and listen to everything you have to say.

We support the overall health of our customers by offering healthy foods that taste delicious, made from scratch using the best ingredients that we can lay our hands on. We offer a unique selection of drinks with a variety of clean, organic, fermented and juice options. We carry a wide range of groceries chosen because they are tasty, and local, organic, Gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, raw, or fermented

We support the health of our neighborhood by providing a great local spot that people look forward to visiting regularly. A place that invites and welcomes.

We strive to be ‘The Third Place’

The concept of a third place is about the comfortable spots that people go to, aside from their home and their job. A Third place is inviting and warm, there is conversation, good food and drink and a positive vibe.

We are happy to know that for many people we are their “third place”.

Shop Small, Buy Local

We support the local and regional economy and you can too.  We do this by buying our ingredients and the products we sell from small businesses as close to home as possible. When you buy from us you support us directly and also support other local business, whose owners in turn support their local suppliers. This allows your hard earned cash to flow within our neighborhood, the state and the New England region.  Compare this to the times when you might buy products from large companies, originating thousands of miles from our home. Consider the cost to transport the product, including the environmental cost. Consider who you are giving your money to in that case. Large retailer, distant corporation, trucking company. Just sayin’.

The Environment

We promote a healthy environment by buying from local farmers and appreciating the hard work they do.

We serve on real plates with real silverware, no plastic.

Our store recycles EVERYTHING. Boxford has a very good recycling program and we put it to full use. Our To-Go coffee cups and lids are recyclable (that one is on you to recycle them). We recycle every scrap of paper, every box, every can. All plastic bags from groceries, bread and produce are collected and returned to any supermarket.  Egg cartons are given to local hen-keepers to fill with their eggs.

We compost. All egg shells, coffee grounds, produce scraps, etc, all end up on in a garden plot nearby(either at our home or one of our employees). This eliminates a waste stream that the restaurant industry is only just starting to deal with.

We make very little trash for the business we do.  It’s a good habit to get into. See what you can accomplish at your home.